Someone has to host websites, especially in an age where more and more people want to have websites of their own. It used to almost be something of a geeky status symbol to have your own website. I know, because I had several of these fine geeky status symbols back in the 1990’s. However, today these websites would look terribly outdated, and they would probably be mocked for the HTML design that has become obsolete now. Silly computer graphics have been on the outs for a long time, even though I still have something of a soft spot for them. Still, I am more than happy to host all of the modern websites, even if they don’t have cool graphics and even if I am still sad that Geocities is gone forever and took so many great vintage websites with it.

I’m happy to work with all sorts of web masters. I will do my best to give them the best deal that they could possibly want on whatever website they have in mind. I will work hard to maintain their websites, ensuring that nothing unexpected is going to happen to them or to their work, which could become their life’s work. Web-hosting is very important in the modern world in which everyone is online and in which almost everyone has a website online. I’m happy to play my part in this brave new world, offering my decades of experience and my nostalgic remembrances of a time in which web hosts were rare and websites weren’t much more common.