How To Cut Back On Unwanted SPAM

There is not a single person in this world that enjoys getting spam mail in their inbox. For some, it’s one of the biggest ‘pet peeves’ they could ever have. This is especially true for online professionals, who know that after the first bits of spam drip in, that things will only get worse.

Regardless of your position, your goal is to cut back on unwanted spam as much as possible. There are many ways that you can do this, but not all will be effective. The tips below should give you a bit of an up-hand advantage, so long as you put them into action.

With that said, here’s a look on some ways you can cut back on unwanted SPAM!

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Use The Right E-mail Services

For the average user, using GMail will prove to be a great idea. This is one of few e-mail services that filter mail well. Their e-mail accounts send mail into different sections for inbox, social, and spam. This means you can get your endless social media e-mails sent to your inbox, without it taking up space or reading as spam. It also means you can sift through the spam mail to see if anything slipped in, though the percentage of error in GMail’s ability to detect spam is very low.

Use A Spam Blocker With Your Web Host

If you are dealing with spam to your webhosting e-mail account, a unique approach must be taken to resurrect the issue. The best resolve is relying on a spam blocker from your webhost. Most offer at least one, whether it’s Apache SpamAssassin, McAfee, or otherwise. For blocking spam from your domain e-mail account, SpamAssassin is definitely one of the best tools you can use.


Pay For Perfect Spam Protection

Most do not have to bother with paying to get spam out of their inbox. But, if it’s a business e-mail problem, it might be essential to clear up the spam instead of having to switch e-mail addresses every few days. offers a blocking service that works great, and it starts at $49 per year. This covers 90% of spam messages, though they have a slightly pricier plan that gets 99% of junk removed. While it doesn’t seem like an important thing to spend money on, this definitely helps for the corporate level accounts that have paid support workers accessing it and just wasting time on filtering the spam out.

Be Careful Where You Use Your E-mail

It’s common sense, but you should always be careful about where you use your e-mail address. There are many places where you are better off not using it, or just using a different address. If you want to sign up at numerous websites, but you are uncertain of what mail will come, then you could make a separate e-mail account for that. Of course, the junk mailers won’t care but you should get a subscription verification and easy cancel link in every spam mail you receive. So, you can manually control which current senders continue to send you mail; if any recurring senders slip through the cracks, mark them as spam senders within your inbox.

Take Steps To Protect Yourself Today!

Your e-mail will not get any cleaner just sitting there. Take the time to clean it up. Start by going through it and looking for consistent spam mail senders. Then, manually block these and unsubscribe from any others. Remove all the messages and put a spam blocker service in place. From there, you will have a good idea on just how bad the spam is and what further steps you need to keep your inbox clean for good.

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