10 Hosted Blog Services For Your Domain

The Perfect Platform

Blogging has become very popular within the last few years. And it shows no signs of slowing down in the near or distant future. Blogging has allowed everyday citizens to voice their concerns on important issues as well as expose the world to their interests and hobbies. It is an essential part of online communication. However, with all of the platforms offered today, it can be challenging to decide which is the best for you. If you’re a web hosting owner and are interested in knowing which blog services are the best for your domain, then consider the following list.


Several Options From Which To Choose


WordPress is the most popular blogging platforms today. It hosts over 60 Million websites. It offers free script and can be installed on your server. For those who want something simple and clean, this is the perfect host for you.


Medium was started in 2012, so it is still somewhat new. This is a social journalism platform and does not offer a lot of customization. Theres a full-featured WYSIWYG text editor which allows you to write your content and then post it. It is similar to Reddit in that posts can be favorited or up-voted.


Blogger is owned by Google. It only needs your Google information in order for you to get started. You can even start without a domain name, free of charge. The setup is simple and scaleable which makes it one of the top choices for bloggers. Also, it offers an easy integration of AdSense.


Tumblr is extremely popular and appeals to the younger audience. It hosts well over 220 Million blogs and takes very little time to get started. Tumblr combines the feel of both Tweeting and blogging.



Quora is a question and answer site and was started in 2012. Quora is a popular professionals who are both experienced and knowledgeable. This website is best for those who have some authority in their industry.


This site starts at $8 per month. Though its easy to mistake this for a simple hosting website, it is also ideal for blogging. Squarespace makes it very easy to build a sleek blogs without having to code. The service offers various theme options. T


Postagon is clean, simple and can be set up with a minutes. It offers RSS feeds, cross browser editing, social sharing and much more. However, Postagon only offers one theme and has limited customization options. It charges $5 monthly for custom domain support.


Silvrback focuses on design and making blogging easy. It offers email subscriptions, syntax highlighting and custom domain support. It costs around $29.99 yearly but is perfect for people who want to own their content.


This hosted blog service delivers its blogs as an API. You write, then code separate interfaces in order to pull all of your posts from cloud. This allows you to build your own mobile apps as well as access content easily. There is no front-end or interface. It’s all in your hands.


If you’re interested in stability, then Posthaven is a great choice. It as an offering of Posterous. And it plans to “last forever.” It only costs $5 per month and is fairly basic. Though its features are few, it easy to use.

Choose Wisely

The hosted blog services you use will depend heavily on your goals. Are you interested in something simple? Are you more interested in the design of things? Are you great at coding? Or would you simple like to offer a few thoughts and post quickly? These are questions that should be considered when choosing the best service.

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